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The Zeitgeist Movement Newletter - Issue Two!

The second edition of the Zeitgeist newsletter is avaiable for free dowload. Whilst not totally 100% in agreement with the Zeitgeist Movement - they do make some compelling arguments and are worthy of consideration.

Zeitgeist Newsletter Number 2

More Chemtrail Horror

Sally has sent me some excellent photo's of the Chemtrails over South Manchester during the Summer Period. I'll let her take it from here.

They were taken on 2nd June around 1pm in Fallowfield. What on earth is the blue line around the edges? I've never seen anything like this.

It stayed in the sky for over 2 hours like that, that I know of. We were visiting relatives at the time and took a picture of it as we arrived, then 2 more as we were leaving.
Why they are choosing us Mancs is a mystery to me too. They seem to use us as guinea pigs for a whole load of things. The congestion charge debacle and ID cards are a case in point. I think they must feel that if they can get something passed us, they can get it passed everyone else. Must be that us northerners have more clout or bigger mouths etc...ha ha.

I can only assume that chemtrails are all part and parcel of the New World Order plan they have for us all. My own personal view is that they are trying to get everyone's immune system down sufficiently so that when they give us the Australian Antigen virus to get the population down, it will work better as a catalyst . Just a theory, but something to consider.

Another thing to be absolutely aware of is that if you have any small children, or know anyone who does, then they must also be made aware that they contain very high levels of mercury, soap powder (yes soap powder) and a whole cocktail of other nasties like formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, bovine extract, amino acids and even monkey kidney tissues. All that is particularly harmful to babies and smaller kids. The MMR vaccine is one to avoid like the plague as this has 3 times the amount of other single shots. One shot on it's own can do irreparable damage, let alone 3. Small children and babies cannot easily get rid of this cocktail and it stays in their brains for life. It is thought that there will be a sharp rise in autism in children and Alzheimers in adults (if they ever make it that far) due to these shots and this is going on now. Similarly, the H1N1 vaccine has just as much chit in the vaccine. If they don't get you the first time round, they will later on. As you can see, this is another soap box of mine, equally as tall as the chemtrail one.

If going by some other sites on the net, they are spraying us with barium and aluminum for 'weather modificatiIf going by some other sites on the net, they are spraying us with barium and aluminum for 'weather modification' I've had some dealings with the MOD from the start of this year asking if this were true. There were so many e-mails going back and forth we were like pen-pals! Of course, in short, they denied they knew anything about it despite me giving them so much hard proof and even evidence. I've sent a leaked document from the House of Commons to them which spoke of contact with themselves and the MOD about spraying whether the public should be told or not. Another mail I sent to them was a cut-away diagram of the tanks on the jets which also described what was in them. Again the MOD deny they knew of this.

I've also contacted my M.P. who was worse than useless, but I should nail him down some more and let him know what he's bluffing me with is tosh. All that for another day!

A page in the Mail Online says they are spraying us with 'dry water' to soak up greenhouse gases. Have a read....

In this next link from the Guardian on 2002, it says that spraying the public is illegal, but this never stops the jets coming over.

A plethora of information can be read at this page...'

Chemtrail Attacks Galore!!

Friends have been sending me some examples of the Chemtrails attacks they've witnessed in their areas recently. So its not just me!!

Enzo took these:
 Note how the Chemtrail seems to disect the sky - clear one side, milky the other.
The familair disipation into the milky grey sky

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Horrific Thick Chemtrail attacks

Friday Night (3rd September) saw some horrifically thick chemtrailing over North Manchester.  These Bastards lasted literally for hours before dissipating into the usual milky grey clouds.  I've spoken to a few neighbours since and they've all said they been feeling sickly.  I've had a distinct metallic taste in my mouth all evening since this attack - anything to do with Aluminium being present in these Chems??

These are a couple of short video clips of the Chemtrails taken with my mobile phone.

Latest Video now on Vimeo

Please feel free to spread far and wide...

Friday, 3 September 2010

New Video

Pylons of Sun Worship - Addendum

This video is an Addendum to 'Pylons of Sun Worship'. The video shows that the Illuminati are not just content to hide their Obelisks using the Nation's energy grid, but also the Telecommunications network. The particular Obelisk in this video was filmed in an area of North Manchester, England called Collyhurst - right next to the biggest police station in the area.  Please feel free to spread the word.

What do you people think - Just what is the reality of all this??  Answers on a postcard...